I write poetry and nonfiction

and am interested in the space between.


"This Next Poem," from Pretty Owl Poetry

"Free Bleeding, 19 August 2016," from LUNCH

"The Vital Gesture" from mojo

"Let's" from Nerve Cowboy 

"Mirror Sonnet for My Mother's Mother" and "[Hallelujah Fills]" from Corium

"Couch" from Elsewhere

"Grooming" and "On Biting One's Tongue" from Weave 

"Dog Heat Summer" from So to Speak

"Mother Tongue" and "Impasto" from Stone Highway Review

"How to Escape" and "Valentine on 8B" from Blast Furnace

"Natural History" from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Sauna, Early Arab Spring" from Diverse Arts Project

Interviews & Reviews:

A Review of BK Loren's Animal, Mineral, Radical in Weave

"Goats, Genre, and Getting Closer to the Truth"— Interview with Brad Kessler in Fourth River